Tooth Abscess | Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

woman holding her mouth due to pain caused by a tooth abscess

A Tooth Abscess or Dental Abscess is an accumulation of pus. There are a few reasons a dental abscess may occur, but most commonly it is resulting from a dental infection. It is not always visible in the mouth but can be seen on an x-ray.  If untreated, this condition can cause extreme pain and swelling and can progress to a severe, life-threating infection. In this article, Dr. Rozelle Owens will explain how to treat a dental abscess and its causes and symptoms.

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[Video] Wisdom Tooth Infection: What Causes It and What You Can Do


[Video] Wisdom Tooth Infection: What Causes It and What You Can Do – When the wisdom tooth is pushing through the gum, there is a flap of gum covering it. Plaque bacteria and food particles can get trapped underneath that. It can be difficult to keep the area clean, and this leads to an infection.

The symptoms can range from moderate to severe pain. You can also suffer from bad breath, facial swelling, sore throat, earache, difficulty opening your mouth, fever and difficulty breathing.

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