Ouch! What are the main causes of sensitive teeth?

The presence of sensitive teeth is quite a common condition that generates pain during the consumption of hot or cold drinks and sugary foods. Factors such as tooth enamel wear can lead to the onset of the problem that causes mild to severe discomfort. 

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4 reasons why you should brush your tongue every day

Have you ever asked yourself ‘Why do I have a white coating on my tongue’? If this sounds familiar, you also may have wondered why does your tongue feel fuzzy sometimes. The answer for all these symptoms could be on the tip of your tongue – sorry we couldn’t resist! Be honest: are you forgetting to clean and brush your tongue?

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How the hidden sugars are ruining your new & healthy lifestyle – What you need to know

You’re all set: a brand-new pair of comfortable runners, new active wear, membership in that fully equipped gym. It’s important to keep focused, so you decided to pack some snacks for the day: protein balls, cereal bars and sports drinks.  They are a quick and easy way to keep the cravings away. There’s just a small detail going unnoticed: the fact that sugar can appear in many forms. Be careful! The hidden sugars could be ruining your new & healthy lifestyle.

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Why Do I Get So Many Cavities?

We have a couple of patients at D4 Dentist – let’s call them John and Mary – that have a completely different approach to oral health. Mary brushes her teeth twice per day, flosses every night, has a special scraper to remove residues and bacteria from the surface of her tongue and uses mouthwash occasionally to top it off.

On the other side, we have John, who consumes 2-4 double espressos per day and may go to bed without brushing his “not-so-pearly whites” (his words) more often than he would admit.  On their yearly checkup, guess who needed five fillings?

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The Beauty of Teeth Bonding – The simple way of improving your smile

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Have you ever heard of teeth bonding? Today, we want to introduce you to this minimally invasive procedure, considered one of the quickest and most effective ways to improve the aesthetics of the tooth or the whole smile.

First things first: What is teeth bonding?

It’s a process in which a composite resin, made mostly by high-density plastic and inorganic glass, is applied directly to a tooth’s surface to improve its appearance or shape. Dental bonding doesn’t require extensive tooth preparation and rarely uses anaesthesia.

Minimally invasive dentistry at its best! A drill was not lifted for this case, the teeth were not damaged at all.

Minimally invasive dentistry at its best! A drill was not lifted for this case, the teeth were not damaged at all.

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Tooth Abscess | Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

woman holding her mouth due to pain caused by a tooth abscess

A Tooth Abscess or Dental Abscess is an accumulation of pus. There are a few reasons a dental abscess may occur, but most commonly it is resulting from a dental infection. It is not always visible in the mouth but can be seen on an x-ray.  If untreated, this condition can cause extreme pain and swelling and can progress to a severe, life-threating infection. In this article, Dr. Rozelle Owens will explain how to treat a dental abscess and its causes and symptoms.

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[Video] Wisdom Tooth Infection: What Causes It and What You Can Do


[Video] Wisdom Tooth Infection: What Causes It and What You Can Do – When the wisdom tooth is pushing through the gum, there is a flap of gum covering it. Plaque bacteria and food particles can get trapped underneath that. It can be difficult to keep the area clean, and this leads to an infection.

The symptoms can range from moderate to severe pain. You can also suffer from bad breath, facial swelling, sore throat, earache, difficulty opening your mouth, fever and difficulty breathing.

Click here and read another article about gum infection associated with the wisdom tooth. 🙂

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