TMJD / Head Aches and Teeth Grinding

TMJD / Head Aches and Teeth Grinding

Do you suffer from jaw joint pain or headaches? Do you know if you grind your teeth? Bruxism – teeth grinding and clenching – is all too common. Cerezen is the latest device for TMJD and bruxism.

Your dentist will spot this by abnormal wear to your teeth. The tooth damage caused from grinding can be extreme in cases. As it happens over a long period of time, repairing it is very difficult because your jaw adjusts to the new teeth height. Prevention is everything.

Bruxism can cause pain in the temperomandibular joint (jaw joint) and the muscles involved in eating. It can also cause headaches.

There are different options; a simple bite guard/splint which simply protects the teeth and offers some cushioning between the teeth.

Cerezen is the latest device for TMJD and bruxism. A customised impression of the ear canal is taken. The Cerezen device is 3D printed and seats in your ear. It is extremely discrete and comfortable. As the TMJ is in close proximity to your ear canal, when you start grinding the device is engaged and stops you. We’ve had great success with this device.

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