Oral Health Assessment

A full oral health assessment includes carefully examining outside the mouth as well as inside the mouth. We check the skin and tissues around your mouth and neck, looking for any abnormalities. We then check the soft tissues inside the mouth again looking for any tissue changes; inside the cheek, the tongue, under the tongue, the throat area and around the gums. Oral Cancer generally doesn’t have symptoms until a late stage but we can spot early lesion. We then check your teeth. We may or may not take x-rays, depending whether or not the dentist feels you need them.

Dental disease (tooth decay, gum disease, oral cancer) tends to NOT show symptoms until it’s a big problem. That’s why regular dental health assessments are essential to identify and treat the disease before it becomes a bigger problem. We take photos of any problems noted so we can show you and discuss a solution. Our patients are actively involved in all decisions.