Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

A Root Canal treatment is usually needed when the pulp of the tooth becomes infected. We provide painless root canal treatment in Dublin.

Sometimes the blood and nerve supply (the pulp) of a tooth becomes infected. This can happen for a number of reasons, but most commonly because of decay. When this happens it can cause pain and swelling. A toothache is usually caused when the pulp becomes infected, this is why keeping up to date with your dental health checks is so important! Teeth only really cause pain when the problem has become serious.But it’s not the end of the world! Infected teeth can be treated effectively to relieve pain and restore function.

A Root Canal treatment is where the infection in the pulp of the tooth is cleaned out using specialised technique and medicament to clear the infection. The canals are then filled with a special root filling material. It allows pain relief and restores dental health. Different teeth have different numbers of canals, front teeth having one to two canals whereas back teeth can have up to four. This accounts for the difference in fees for such treatment.

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