Dental crowns, veneers and bridges – what you should know

There are many good types of dental products that are available for use today with crowns, veneers and bridges being among the best choices. These are all rather different from one another in terms of the many features that they come with and are worth comparing no matter what you are trying to take advantage of.

Understanding Dental Crowns, Veneers, and Bridges

Dental Crowns for Tooth Restoration


Dental crowns are materials that will go over different teeth. These create natural tooth-like appearances. These are typically used to enhance the appearance of one’s tooth if it is discoloured.

This may also be used as a protective material for other installations in your teeth. It can hold bridges and dentures in their place. It may also cover a root filling so it will not leak or become infected.

A great part of dental crowns is that they can match up with the rest of your teeth. They may also last for at least ten years if they are maintained properly. However, these crowns may last for less time depending on the quality of these materials. They might last longer if you spend a little more for crowns that are made with premium materials.


Dental veneers may also be useful for your requirements. Dental veneers are designed to go over the front parts of your teeth. They are porcelain layers that will go over the teeth and are designed to cover cracks, lighten up discolorations and cover gaps in the teeth.

It works for teeth that are worn out and mis-shapen and will not add too much volume or bulk onto the tooth as it is rather thin in its design.

This is installed by buffing and shaping the tooth while then creating an impression of the tooth and a shade. This occurs in the first dental visit. The second visit will require a bonding agent that will be sealed off and added around the targeted tooth. A light beam will be used to harden the agent and secure it in its place.

The colour of the veneer will always be consistent. Therefore, if the colour of other teeth in your gum line changes then the veneer is going to stand out like a sore thumb. You need to be fully aware of how your veneer is going to stand out if you are not careful when taking care of your other teeth.


Dental bridges may also be useful for your dental health requirements. Dental bridges are like crowns in that they will be added over different spots around your teeth. The difference is that these are made with two or more teeth in mind and will require two or more spots to secure them on. These bridges are typically installed in two dental visits in most cases.

This is designed to cover missing teeth on one side of the mouth. It has a precious metal base and typically entails a process where the teeth are covered over the crown. This may help to create a strong coverage point that is easier to maintain over time.

A Maryland bridge may also be used in some cases. This is where the teeth are not removed by too much. The bridge is attached onto teeth with no fillings or fewer of them. This is a material that can work for years but there are risks that come with the bridge possible falling off.

As useful as a bridge can be for cases where you need many teeth covered, your teeth might become sensitive to some things for a few weeks after the bridge is installed. You’ll also have to be fully aware of what might come about in your teeth as it is often easy for them to be at risk of some damages. Fortunately, many of the care standards that come with working with these bridges are the same as what you would get out of a typical setup.

Be sure to compare all of these options when you are looking for some assistance with your cosmetic dentistry needs. These are choices that can fit in well for your teeth but they are all different in terms of how they operate. You need to be fully aware of what is open so you can have a choice that will fit in with your dental needs as they come about.

Our friendly staff and experienced dentists can advice you what is most suitable for you based on many factors. Every person is different, so as the type of dental treatment.

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