I have stained, discoloured or broken fillings, what can I do?

They can easily be replaced or repaired by natural tooth coloured fillings.

I have silver/black looking fillings, what can I do?

They can be replaced with tooth coloured fillings, inlays or onlays giving you a looking and feeling smile.

I have sensitive teeth, particularly with hot or cold drinks, what can I do?

There are many reasons teeth can be sensitive to hot or cold, we will find out the reason why yours are, provide the correct solution so you can enjoy your food and drink whatever it is.

I have Crowded, Sticky out, gappy or out of line teeth, what can I do?

Crooked teeth can be straightened for both adults and children. Fastbraces and Modern orthodontic treatment involves braces that are almost invisible as well as being able to provide the conventional metal braces. You can smile with confidence.

I have unsightly, misshapen and out of line teeth, what can I do?

Your teeth can be given a natural look and feel using the most up to date veneer and crown technology. In some cases you can have treatment that is so quick you have gleaming natural teeth on a “while you wait” basis.

I have unsightly and unnatural looking crowns, what can I do?

Old crowns with black lines can be replaced with modern, metal free natural looking alternatives; you will not be able to spot which teeth are the crowns.

I have missing teeth and I don’t want to wear dentures, what can I do?

Implants and bridges provide a natural strong solution that is fixed in place.

I have old ill fitting, broken or worn dentures, what can I do?

Old dentures can be replaced by modern natural looking alternatives or for a permanently fixed alternative you can consider bridges or implants and banish the glass at the bedside.

I have dark old looking teeth, what can I do?

Teeth can be brightened to give you a beautiful confident smile using gentle, safe and professional polishing or whitening techniques. You will be delighted by the results.

I have red, swollen gums that bleed which worries me, what can I do?

80% of Irish people have gum disease; gums can be returned to health with regular
preventive care from the hygienist and dental health educator. You can be confident that
you can keep your teeth for life.

I have bad breath and foul tastes in my mouth, what can I do?

Bad breath and foul tastes are eliminated once any infections in your teeth and gums are treated by the dentist or hygienist, allowing you to have peace of mind in those intimate moments.

I need a professionally made sports mouth guard, how do I get this?

If you play contact sports, wearing a custom made mouth guard will provide protection to your teeth and will protect you from concussion whilst playing sport. Your dentist will take a mould of your teeth to make a custom mouth guard for you.

I grind my teeth and clench my jaw, what can I do?

Tooth grinding/jaw clenching affects up to 80% of the population leading to headaches, migraines and damage to the teeth. This can simply be treated using customized splints, or selective polishing of the tooth surfaces. In more advanced cases orthodontics or crown work may be required, either way you be pain free.

I suffer from dental anxieties and phobias, what can I do?

We specialise in treating the nervous patient. Our professional caring team, and modern comfortable dentistry provided in our up to date clinic will allow you to approach you visits with confidence and calm.


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